Independence & Freedom

Our model of care is very distinctive. We provide independence, choice and freedom of movement in a homely environment for our residents. This creates a real community and allows for meaningful social connections. In their homes, they’re encouraged and supported to help with cooking and other household chores. And we recognise that like everyone else they want to live life to the fullest, so we have created an environment that makes it possible.​

Individual Preferences

The traditional institutional model of care is task focused where regimented eating times, shower times, dressing times and visitor times are the norm. This does not reflect an individual’s preferences and can threaten their personal autonomy. At Silvertree Aged Care Facility our focus is on the individual, recognising their unique needs, preferences, values and aspirations. Residents are placed in houses according to their lifestyle and who they are as individuals and not according to their cognitive diagnosis. They live an independent a life as they want and their condition allows, which lets them flourish.

Social Interactions

Living well and independently doesn’t stop with diagnosis. Residents are more involved in their daily routine and decision making and aren’t segregated based on cognitive diagnosis. This non-clinical environment and integration into the community gives those living with dementia the right prompts to experience a normal life.         

Freedom of movement, access to outdoor spaces and the wider community is critical, providing opportunities and enjoyment for residents to socially interact. Our residents are not one of a crowd. They are unique individuals with their own interests, needs, values, aspirations and preferences.

At Silvertree Care, residents can move in with their furry or feathered companions. Pets that fit in with the home environments are welcomed with open arms, including cats, dogs and birds. All pets are considered and assessed for suitability.