SilverTree is not just any aged care community, it offers a genuine alternative to a nursing home.  It is a vibrant, loving community offering you extraordinary levels of lifestyle, companionship and care through every stage of your ageing journey.  Each of our community members can enjoy local amenities and lots of opportunities to socialize while having the independence and privacy of their own SilverTree home.    

Central to life at SilverTree is access to 24-hour care that changes and evolves with you through every stage of the ageing journey.  At SilverTree, we’re strong advocates of supporting you to live independently for as long you are able.  We help you to carry out activities that complement your own lifestyle, be that on a physical, social or psychological level.  SilverTree culture is the enduring value and priority that SilverTree staff, at all levels of the organization, place on delivering the SilverTree promise.  This includes enabling residents to live the life they choose based on an ethos of love, decency, respect and kindness – to honour the dignity and beauty of the human being at the most vulnerable stage of life.